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RSD1, Extons Rd Kinglake Central 3757 Ph: (03) 5786 1295  Fax: (03) 5786 2090 Email - middle.kinglake.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
Music At  Middle: Why learn music? Why is music important to children’s education? Studies have shown children who learn music also learn to focus, learn perseverance, problem solving, team work, creativity and confidence. This is why the Education Department of Victoria have backed a national music program to increase the teaching of music in Victorian schools. Middle Kinglake Primary School has always recognised the importance of music to children’s education. This is why Middle Kinglake Primary School has a long history of an extensive music program that is part of the core learning for its students. The school offers an engaging and varied music program. Children learn to play a variety of instruments, they learn composition, improvisation and performance. The music program even incorporates dance and music. Sometimes children can create their own dances, developing team work, improving their physical coordination and having fun. There is a school choir and members get the opportunity to sing in The Boite Schools Chorus, a 300 strong choir made up of children from across the state that sing in a concert at the Melbourne Town Hall. There is also an instrumental program that offers tuition from qualified musicians that can teach a range of instruments including, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, piano, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and singing. Children can learn one on one or in small groups. With the importance of music to a great education being recognised by educators, the well- resourced music program at Middle Kinglake Primary School is music to the ears of everyone!